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Microsoft Test Base – Inspire Updates

Earlier this week there were some very interesting announcements about Microsoft Test Base at Microsoft Inspire, the annual conference for the Microsoft Partner community! So before I switch my “Vacation Mode” on, let’s have a quick glance at what’s new with Test Base! Support testing for Microsoft 365 Apps Testing against the latest Microsoft 365 Apps builds in… Read More »

Microsoft Test Base – Part 4

Now that we went over what Test Base is and how it works, let me explain why I believe this service has all the potential to become huge! No need anymore to look like this guy! (Image generated with Microsoft Designer) The current state While economic markets are tough currently, not all companies currently have the budget or… Read More »

Microsoft Test Base – Part 2

In part 2 of this series about Microsoft Test Base, let’s have a look at the onboarding process, the options for adding application packages and getting our first application added. Onboarding Good news, the onboarding process is super easy and only takes minutes! First step in the process: Go to your Azure portal and drop “Test Base” in… Read More »